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This is less a rant and more an observation.  Hype blows!  And I don’t mean that in the “oh I’m so snooty, its too popular for me way”.  I mean that in the “STOP AFFECCTING ME SO I’LL STOP SPENDING MONEY” kind of way.

I mean really, people get excited about something and who doesn’t want the joy of excitement?  That unreasonable desire to experience something that gives you pleasure.  The problem is we aren’t all the same people.  We have different likes and dislikes and good lord are people loud about how they feel about it.  My problem is I like hearing what people think about things.  Well, except when they’re wrong (that was a joke).

So between Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty 3, I’m ready to give both franchises another chance.  I have attempted to play through the first Gears of War on multiple occasions.  Some of the sound design for that game, particularly the sound played when picking up a dog tag really resonates with me.  The problem is I’m not a huge fan of the gameplay.  I am a fan of the gameplay of Vanquish which has been described as “Gears on meth”.  But Gears is kind of slow and I really dislike the almost caricature look of all the characters with their overdone muscles.  Top that off with all the overly typical personas of the black guy is the ex-sports star who is loud and egotistical to the Mexican guy who has gang connections.  I’m not crying racism here as I am very white, its just character types that have been over done that are really boring and annoying to me.

Either way with all the excitement around Gears 3 I’m thinking I’ll try out Gears 1 again tonight because I want to like this series.  Why do I want to like this series?  BECAUSE OF THE HYPE.  People’s whose opinions I value on videogaming love this series and they are massively excited for the third entry.

This doesn’t always end well for me.  Bulletstorm is the perfect example.  A critcially praised game for humor and gameplay inventiveness for the FPS genre.  I didn’t buy it day one but I did buy it after listening to all my friends rave about it.  When I started the game I was still taking all their words to be true for me, which is really a ridiculous assumption.  I didn’t hate Bulletstorm but I didn’t like it much either.  And its multiplayer attraction died down within a few months for all the people who praised it.  Now I’m left wishing I had waited for the $20 sale.

See there isn’t an answer to hype except to limit yourself.  If you can afford every new game that comes out then please give me $100,000 because clearly you can afford that too.  My best advice is to choose a monthly gaming budget and wait for the inevitable Amazon and Steam sales.  I know my personal situation with my pile of shame, being that I could build a literal wall with them and I have to imagine most gamers have several games they’ve been meaning to play through but haven’t yet.  And really, we aren’t gamers all that time, but that is an actual rant I might do one of these days.


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