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Choke a Bitch.

So this happened.  And now for some thing completely offensive.

Is the man who did the choking psychotic?  Absolutely.  Would a 13 year old kid FPS stalking me online and kicking my ass infuriate me?  Absolutely.  Do I feel bad for the kid?  No way.  Have I had friends who have done worse for less at bars/clubs/school?  YES.  Would you ever suspect these people of these atrocities?  Nope.  Well maybe one or two of them but only because they kept getting caught.  In my experience its the ones who want you to think they’re physically or mentally dangerous that are the puppy dogs.

Now granted we’ll never know the truth of the situation.  For all we know the kid could asked the man “May I please have a soda, my mother won’t pay attention to me?” and the man may have taken that has an attack on his sexual gender preference and skin color however pink he may be.  Or the man may have simply done this act to get the boy’s mother TO pay attention to him.  Granted there is a limit to the amount of parenting that can happen in the teen years.  I speak as an overly rebellious teen, not a parent.

At the same time I’m pretty sure any 6 year old who plays FPS’s could beat my ass regularly which is part of why I don’t play online very much.  Although its not a popular thing to say, I’m a bit more than a gamer.  I have a job with overtime, music to write, a relationship that requires time, a family I like to see, and friends I like to chat with. For a person to really just be a gamer I have to imagine that’s all they would be doing is gaming.  And with this schedule I have I’m not going to put in the time to get my FPS 360 style controller finger reflexes up to snuff.  Take away that whole financial responsibility for myself and hope of a future and retirement and sure, I’ll game 24/7.

And really, games as points forf being better than another human being?  Fucking retarded.  If you want my respect as a gamer, then you’ll be gaming for fun, enlightenment, education, art, relaxation, camaraderie, pretty much anything but proving your worth to the world.  Your worth was proven at birth.  The problem is most people spend their time trying to disprove their worth.

The simple fact is we all get offended and we all have emotions and the majority of the populace is a bunch of judgmental pricks.  And if this kid’s misfortune of unknowingly mouthing off to a psychotic online serves as some kind of boogeyman tale for the kids and adults to be culpable for their speech online, then praise Jesus.  Bad juju happens every single day and if we’re unlucky enough we’ll hear about it.  This is a case where no one died and no one was hospitalized.  While I don’t condone violence, no one’s dead and the man pleaded guilty to assault charges.  If you’re going to feel bad for anyone, feel bad for the man’s three kids since he’s going to jail.  And just for the record, those are the only three human beings in this world that can make me feel bad for this post.

To paraphrase Henry Rollins, its the douche bags that hide behind the first amendment.  Yeah you can say and practice what you want, that doesn’t mean you should.


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