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Devil’s Advocate on EA’s Origin

I realize there’s a pretty large upheaval against EA’s Origin service.  As much as Steam has supported the PC gaming community in a lot of extremely cool ways over the years, they finally have someone who can provide ample competition in the mix.  Sure there’s Impulse and Good Old Games but Good Old Games doesn’t directly compete on most titles and Impulse….  Well I mean really, what does Impulse have going for it?  I guess Gamestop now but its hardly a threat at this point (4′, one sided PC shelf).


Part of the issue is a person’s need to be number 1 because number 2 is poo.  And number 3…  Oh man, don’t even bring that up, I mean gosh Sony must be going out of business being number 3 in the console biz for so long, right?  So sarcasm aside, that top spot is incredibly important to people.  I’m guessing its a sports thing which is problematic for me since I don’t care about sports.  Dominance in some arena must be assumed to be life affirming since so many people desire it.


Is Origin Spyware?  Well no.  And really you should just ead this individual’s post on Giantbomb which links several of EA’s Eula’s.  Its really not the 1984-esque situation sensationalism has painted it out to be.


My hope is that the competition between Steam and Origin drive the marketplace to new, high levels.  Newel has said on numerous occasions that (paraphrasing) the industry is heading towards a distribution model.  If Origin actually starts making deals that are good enough to compete with Steam, then this whole distribution bit could get here a lot faster.  When I use the word distribution, picture things like OnLive.  A foreseeable future for Steam for example could be to pay a monthly fee and be able to play all the games.


The reason Steam fans are so incised by Origin is because at the end of the day, EA is the company that has the largest chance to compete with Steam.  Maybe someday Gamestop will make Impulse into something popular and maybe someday OnLive will come preinstalled with every TV.  Valve’s pretty smart and its going to take more than EA throwing money at developers to run Origin to compete with them.  But is buying a game or two that’s Origin enabled going to hurt Steam?  Not at all. Because right now that is the only way EA can get you to use Origin.


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