East vs West: FIGHT

Okay seriously guys, STFU. Yes the Japanese have an entirely different culture than us. And yes that means the amalgamation’s of their pop culture winds up in a different place than ours. No the Japanese gaming industry isn’t dead. Granted the country can’t compete in sales with the rest of the world.  The best the United States can do is match the rest of the world in sales. I realize we as a world wide civilization look to these two places as leaders in product innovation and industry standards, but Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia are pretty big too.

Japanese games are mechanically stagnant and lack innovation to paraphrase pretty much any gaming website out there that I love including but not limited to Giantbomb, Joystiq, etc. To really counter this argument we have to look at what innovation IS in gaming. Innovation is defined as “something new or different introduced“.

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