How RoboCop and the T600 Can Solve the Financial Crisis

All we need is one act of charity from one or more of the world’s billionares.  Two corporations need to be built: OCP and Skynet.  First city to receive the benefits of financial healing?  Detroit.  OCP and Skynet will create the T600 and RoboCop and have them do battle in the streets of Detroit and it will be awesome.

How could this possibly solve the current economic depression you ask?  The Skynet corporation has to create Skynet, a complicated AI program to run the T600’s.  This requires massive amounts of research and resources which requires massive amounts of researchers, technicians, and programmers.  OCP is in a similar situation in that employees will be needed to make huge breakthroughs in cybernetic and medical technology.  OCP will also need lobbyists, law makers, and lawyers so that a corporation can not only purchase the Detroid PD but also own their employees and turn one luck individual into RoboCop.

The ensuing city street destruction will not only create a form of population control but also increase jobs in the construction and destruction prevention markets.  On top of all this people will want to see the spectacle involved with the war of machines so the tourist attraction of Detroit will infinitely raise.  OCP and Skynet as corporations will also need to to provide maintenance to RoboCop and consistently create additional T600’s.  Even new sports can be made such as the John Conner Olympics, where one lucky contestant will be released on the streets with only a T600 to save him against the legions of Skynet and RoboCop.  Tickets to this event will sell out like crazy.  I’d buy that for a dollar!

You might be asking how this post has anything to do with videogames and the answer is simple, all RoboCop and Terminator video games suck.

Write to your Congressmen now to tax the 1% to make this economic paradise come true!  Peter Weller isn’t getting any younger and he still has to pass all those pesky police exams before he can be hired by the Detroit PD brought to you by OCP.